Lucy is an illustrator based in Surrey, particularly passionate about creating visual imagery to communicate important messages. Story-telling is where her heart is at, creating visual imagery for people to immerse themselves into, helping people gain an understanding of important topics through the use of illustration. As well as her passion for book illustrating, she enjoys her love for food illustrating, visualising what she admires about food and capturing the indulgence through her mixed media drawings. Her working ethic shows a variety of interest in Book Illustration, Food Illustration and Advertisement. Lucy enjoys creating work that communicates a core message to promote importance whether that is a simple illustration or for a product for promotion.
The enthusiasm she has for making images that are playful, quirky, textural and fun make her work visually engaging for her target market. She is inspired by nature, important topics that the world is currently facing and daily objects. 
Lucy creates her illustrations combining analogue work with digital, using a mixture of mediums ranging from paper collage to colouring pencils and watercolour and acrylic paints. The studio is never dull! 

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